Our Work

Smaart Water designs and implements sustainable, highly efficient, and cutting edge water solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. Our solutions include water treatment and delivery, water management, and water reuse and recycling among other use cases. All our solutions are rooted in the most innovative water management technology, and can be customized to our clients’ needs.

Smaart Water is the brainchild of Dr. Ravi Mariwala, a chemical engineer by training whose mission is to sustainably provide abundant, safe, and sustainable water to all. Dr. Mariwala founded Smaart Water after realizing that the market lacked sustainable and effective water solutions while building his home in Alibaug. He has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware, where he authored 17 publications and received 5 patents for his work on carbon molecular sieves, and has delivered lectures on the future of water at Stanford University and The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Our Approach






Understanding our customers’ needs and factoring them into creating our solutions is of prime importance to us. Before deploying our solutions, we consider how our customers will interact with them to achieve maximum efficiency and performance.


Science and Technology drive all our solutions. We believe in only using technologies grounded in rigorous science to address our clients’ needs and achieve our desired outcomes. Our team’s deep expertise in engineering, as well as partnerships with research institutes like CSIR-NEERI ensure that we are able to deliver the highest performance solutions to our customers.


Innovation is key to achieving highly efficient and sustainable water solutions across project sizes and use cases. Armed with a deep understanding of our clients’ issues, we pride ourselves on our innovative and creative use of science and technology to ensure that our solutions work efficiently and in conjunction with nature. You can find examples of our work on innovation here.


All our solutions are designed to abide by the following principles of sustainability:


Our solutions are designed to last for the long term with minimal maintenance and intervention.


Our solutions are engineered to ensure that energy consumption, carbon footprint, discharge generation, and intake of consumables is significantly less than alternatives.


Our solutions are implemented to minimize operating and capital costs to our clients, ensuring abundant and accessible water for the long term.

Our Methodology

Understanding Customer Needs

We work with customers to get a full picture of your water system objectives, as well as water quality and quantity requirements. We understand that designing a water softening and filteration system for the home has distinct requirements from a ground water recharging and drip irrigation system for a commercial building.

Surveying Project Sites

We conduct a survey of project sites to understand the underlying topography, available water sources and quality, power availability, and other relevant physical factors. This helps us determine what kind of water pressure pumps, irrigation systems, and rainwater harvesting systems to design, among other solution components.

Solution Design

Based on the data gathered in stages 1 & 2, we design a solution using our proprietary technology platform that meets customer requirements and is built using Smaart Water’s design principles. We include a list of all components required for the solution as well as a detailed breakdown of capital costs and expected operating costs.

Solution Deployment & Maintenance

Our understanding of the optimal scientific and technological water treatment & management solutions enables us to deploy customized solutions. Once the customer has approved our solution design, we deploy the solution with our engineering team. After the solution has been delivered, we provide an annual maintenance contract for the project through our team of specialists.