Smaart Tech with Spot the Engineer

Hey Doc, are you putting me on a diet? 

Why Spot? I have got your usual pizza for Friday evening with extra peperoni.

The difference is, I got two 5-inch pizzas instead of a 9-inch pizza.

One whole extra inch and extra pepperoni !  What a deal I got.

Doc, have forgotten basic math? One 9-inch pizza has an area 63.6 in2 where as two 5-inch pizzas will be 19.6 x 2 = 39.2 in2, you have given me 24.4 in2 less!

That’s a whooping 38.3% less!

Do you really want to put me on a diet and starve me for all the cover up I do for you?

If you are going to get me 5-inch pizzas, I’ll need 3.2 pizza or better round it off to 4 pizzas for correcting your scatter brain analysis.

You’ve been taken for a ride by the pizza gal with her charming smile.

Doc, you can apply the same logic for designing your piping systems?

You allow people to substitute one 4” pipe with two 2” pipes – does it really work?

Look at it, a 4” pipe has an area of 12.6 in2 where as a 2” pipe has an area of 3.1 in2.  The equivalent pipes will be 12.6/3.1 –  4 no! and you have been recommending two pipes!

The velocity of the water with two pipes instead of four will double.  The higher velocity will increase the vibration, reduce the life of the pipe and will cost you more to pump water!

DOC, stop looking at Instagram, get your act together.  Use good engineering practices.  There is money to be saved here.

And order me three extra 5-inch pizzas for my usual dinner and one extra for educating you.

Whoof !