Case Study – Smaart & Clean


A large corporation in Gujarat had an issue to replace activated carbon in their tertiary treatment plant to polish treated effluent water.  The carbon replacement requirement was frequent.  The disposal of spent carbon was also a challenge for them

Existing System

The existing system consisted of an MBBR Sewage Treatment Plant followed by a tertiary treatment plant comprising of a Multigrade Sand Filter, an Activated Carbon filter and a disinfection system.

Smaart Water Intervention

Smaart Water understood the existing issues through a site visit.  SW estimated the size of the Filter (Smaart & Clean) requirement and suggested a very simplified scheme

Scheme For Tertiary Treatment

Filter Media

Made from recycled glass and activated with hydrophobic & hydrophilic sites for enhanced performance.

Removes suspended matter, bacteria and some organic content. 


The performance of the system is summarized

The filtration system showed a remarkable performance.  It showed a significant reduction in TSS and BOD levels.

It has been 4 years since the filter is working fine without replacement of the media. 

Key Points the Client Needed to Address

The client was very co-operative to try the filter and technology.  The required discharge parameters were met reproducibly and the replace ment of carbon was eliminated.  AN added advantage was a better quality of water and reduced pressure drop across the system.  That resulted in electricity savings leading to cost savings.


Smaart Water helped its client install an energy efficient and a sustainable advanced filtration system with Smaart Media.  The system was effective in polishing the effluent with respect to reduction in COD and BOD levels.  It was regenerated with a simple back wash using the treated water.  The water quality was also far superior than observed earlier.  The treated water met the GPCB (Central Pollution Control Board) standard for discharge.