Smaart Water provides a full-stack water infrastructure planning service. Our comprehensive water study provides a feasibility assessment and a detailed project report covering the following areas

  • Water sources
  • Water use points
  • Quality & quantity required
  • Water infrastructure sizing & planning
  • Water budgeting treatment plan
  • Sustainability planning, including for rainwater harvesting, groundwater recharge, and watershed development

We provide you with a water budget or estimate of your water demand that considers water use and the potential for rainwater harvesting, sewage recycling, and wastewater management. Water requirements are assessed on a daily, monthly, and yearly basis in this report, providing a reference for sizing and designing your water infrastructure components such as storage ponds, tanks, and distribution lines.

Smaart Water provides consulting services for specific water-related issues, such as water treatment, water quality, water softening and filtering, and water reuse and recycling. We take on special projects based on our client’s needs, and engage with corporates on water-related Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives that involve developing a long-term water vision and strategy.

Smaart Water’s Mumbai-based lab offers a water testing and sample collection service, with 10 standard test packages that cover 90 variables related to water quality. Additionally, we are able to provide custom testing depending on clients’ needs.

Smaart Water provides landscape design and irrigation planning services for residential and commercial uses. We provide you with a water budget and infrastructure plan for integrating wastewater recycling and purification with sprinkler, drip, and manual irrigation systems as well as optimizing water use by landscape zones.

Our most fundamental value is customer satisfaction. To ensure that our systems are running at peak performance, Smaart Water provides maintenance services for all our solutions through an annual maintenance contract (AMC). The AMC covers routine maintenance and upkeep, provision of consumables like filter media, two emergency services per year, and replacement parts as needed for the duration of the contract.