Filtration Technology Platform

Smaart & Clean is our highly efficient and customizable filtration solution. It removes all suspended matter (sand, silt, and mud) and bacteria, as well as color and odor, ensuring provision of clean and safe water. Our proprietary filter media is designed to last 12 – 15 years, with a low biofouling propensity and high flux of upto 20 m3/m2/hr, making it significantly superior to conventional sand filters, and the most sustainable and cost-efficient filtration solution on the market.

Potable Water Treatment

Filtration system for community water treatment

Tertiary Treatment for treated effluent & sewage water

Pre-treatment for desalination

Swimming Pool Filtration

Smaart & Clean is part of our Smaart Water Treatment Platform, and can be customized to client needs. It can be deployed utilizing the following media:

  • Pressure Filter – Typically for small to large volumes and lower particle cut off up to 20 microns). Includes sand, carbon and other filter media for suatainable superior performance.
  • Gravity Flow Filter – Ideally suited for rural communities where power is a problem and/or water is contaminated with sewage or organic matter.
  • Cartridge & Bag Filter – Used as a polishing filter for removing fine particles prior to ultrafiltration or desalination

Smaart & Clean is available in standard sizes of 1,000 – 70,000 litres/hr, and in fiber-reinforced plastic and mild steel materials. Customized solutions using mild steel for capacities over 70,000 litres/hr are also available. Our proprietary filter media include hydrophobic and hydrophilic active sites, doing the work of multiple filters in a single unit, and ensuring long filter life, low biofouling propensity, and high flux.

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