Water Disinfection Technology Platform

Smaart & Clean is our highly efficient and customizable filtration solution. It removes all suspended matter (sand, silt, and mud) and bacteria, as well as color and odor, ensuring provision of clean and safe water. Our proprietary filter media is designed to last 12 – 15 years, with a low biofouling propensity and high flux of upto 20 m3/m2/hr, making it significantly superior to conventional sand filters, and the most sustainable and cost-efficient filtration solution on the market.

Potable Water Treatment

Industrial Water Treatment – Cooling Tower & Process Water Treatment

Tertiary Treatment for treated effluent & sewage water

Pre-treatment for desalination



Smaart Disinfect is part of our Smaart Water Treatment Platform, and is highly versatile, allowing it to be implemented easily as per client needs. It can be deployed with the following disinfectant methods:

Chlorine Disinfection (CD)

  • CD is the industry standard disinfection method. Smaart Disinfect utilizes stabilized sources of chlorine dosing such as bleach solution, bleach powder and TCCP to ensure no leakage or side effects.

Hydrogen Peroxide Disinfection (HPD)

  • More sustainable than chlorine dosing, HPD only creates water as a byproduct, making it more suitable for low-impact applications.

Ultra Violet Disinfection (UVD)

  • UVD does not use any chemicals for disinfection, making it ideal for potable water.

Smaart Disinfect is available in standard sizes of 1,000 – 70,000 litres/hour, with customized solutions available for sizes over 70,000 litres/hour. All Smaart Disinfect implementations include our proprietary, cavitation-based mixing technology and can be implemented with non-electric dosing as needed.

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