Pressurized Water Supply System with Fertilization Capability for landscapes and orchards

Smaart & Green is our highly sustainable and compact landscape irrigation and fertilization solution. The system is designed to provide adequate water with minimal wastage and sufficient pressure for your landscaping and irrigation needs. Smaart & Green can be connected to drip irrigation, lawn sprinkler, and manual irrigation systems to water lawns, gardens, or orchards with pressure settings that can be customized to user specifications. Additionally, Smaart Water has developed an in-line liquid fertilizer feeder for this system that can be used to uniformly distribute fertilizer across the landscape area.

custom Irrigation solutions for lawns, gardens and orchards

In-line liquid fertilizer feeder system for uniform distribution

High efficiency pressure pump optimizes irrigation across large landscapes

When compared to conventional overhead tank systems, Smaart & Green has lower capital costs, footprint, and operating costs. Our proprietary design utilizes high efficiency pressure pumps installed near underground water tanks, with an automated control system to optimize irrigation across large landscapes


Smaart & Green is available with standard sizes of 18,000 – 20,000 litres/hour @ 30m head. It is rated at 2.3 kW with 3-phase power (440 V). The installation is easy and its operation can be automated to customer needs. Smaart & Green does not require an overhead tank, and can also be run on a battery backup through an inverter.

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