Pressurized Hydro-pneumatics Water Supply Technology Platform

Smaart & Safe is our highly sustainable and efficient household water purification and supply solution. The system is designed to provide you with clean, pressurized water for bathing and household use that is optimized for modern bathroom fittings. Additionally, Smaart & Safe’s proprietary control system ensures minimal wear and tear, with a turbo mode to provide higher water volumes for short durations as required.

When compared to conventional overhead tank systems, Smaart & Safe provides higher pressure and cleaner water while ensuring lower capital costs, footprint, and operating costs. Our proprietary design utilizes high efficiency pressure pumps and filters installed near underground water tanks, with standard interlocks and hardware to prevent dry running and over-pressurization.

clean water for bathing & household use

optimised for modern bathroom fitting to reduce wear & tear

high water volumes for short durations in pressurised turbo mode


Smaart & Safe is available in standard sizes of 3,000 – 15,000 litres/hour @ 40m head with a dual pump standard system. Customized solutions are available for applications and sites requiring greater than 15,000 litres/hour. Smaart & Save typically utilizes single phase power for pumps rated up to 1.5 kW, and 3-phase power above 1.5 kW. Variable Frequency Drives are provided for 3-phase pumps to ensure smooth operation.

No overhead tank is required, and the solution can also be run on a battery backup through an inverter.

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