Water Softening Technology Platform

Smaart & Soft is our highly efficient water softening solution, designed to ensure the best bathing and cleaning experience as well as increase the longevity of bathroom fittings and kitchen appliances. It reduces hardness by up to 70%, ensuring better potability and water pH. Additionally, it is significantly more efficient than conventional RO technology, recovering 96% of input water instead of 35%, with lower electricity use.

no soap scum or mineral stains in your bathrooms & Kitchen

reduces hardness by up to 70% ensuring better potability & pH

Recovers 96% of input water with lower electricity use


Smaart & Soft is an integral part of our Smaart Water Treatment Platform, and can be used to treat hard water from open wells, bore wells, ponds, lakes, and rivers. It can be deployed with the following softening methods:

strong acid softening (SAS)

  • SAS is designed to remove Calcium, Magnesium, and other heavy metal ions from very hard water (i.e. levels >200 mg/l)

Weak acid Softening (was)

  • WAS is designed to improve the alkalinity of hard water and reduce the total dissolved solids (TDS) present in water. WAS is especially useful in making tanker water potable.

Smaart & Soft is available in standard sizes of 1,000 – 70,000 litres/hour, with customized solutions available for sizes over 70,000 litres/hour. All Smaart & Soft solutions use our proprietary acid softening technology, which reduces TDS to <500 mg/l and hardness to <75 mg/l.

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