Integrated Water Treatment Technology

The Smaart Water Treatment Platform (Smaart WTP) is our compact, multi-purpose water treatment solution. It combines our Smaart & Clean, Smaart & Soft, and Smaart Disinfect products into one unit to provide a complete and versatile water treatment solution that can be utilized for providing potable water, industrial process water treatment, tertiary treatment of effluent and sewage water, and pretreatment for desalination.

Smaart WTP’s proprietary automated control system ensures that each component of the system is seamlessly integrated and continuously monitored, ensuring that the system functions with minimal human intervention. The components of the system – filtration, softening, and disinfection – can be customized as per client needs and are always optimized to minimize the lifetime cost of the system.


Smaart WTP is available in standard sizes of 1,000 – 70,000 litres/hr, with customized products available for capacities above 70,000 litres/hr. The platform integrates our Smaart & Clean, Smaart & Soft, and Smart Disinfect products into one unit for a complete water treatment solution. Additionally, Smaart WTP is designed to combine gravity flow and pressure systems, making it especially useful in rural areas without dedicated water supply. Platform integration and operations are controlled by our proprietary automated control system.

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