We build to last

Our solutions are designed to last for the long term with minimal maintenance and intervention.

We build for the environment

Our solutions are engineered to ensure that energy consumption, carbon footprint, discharge generation, and intake of consumables is significantly less than alternatives.

We build for maximum efficiency

Our solutions are implemented to minimize operating and capital costs to our clients, ensuring abundant and accessible water for the long term.

In addition to ensuring that all our solutions reflect these principles, we promote sustainability by providing corporates with consulting services and customized projects to help them achieve their CSR goals. Through partnering with corporates, we aim to reduce water consumption by industry and agriculture, ensure wastewater treatment and sewage recycling, prevent contamination of water resources, and promote water resilience in the face of climate change. Solutions we offer in pursuit of the same include rainwater harvesting, ground water recharging, phytoremediation, and tertiary treatment of effluents.

All of our CSR projects are tailored to customer needs and take a comprehensive, full stack view of the project and its impact on surrounding communities. We work closely with our customers to frame a water sustainability mission, rigorously collect baseline data, design a water resilience solution with continuous monitoring and data collection, and ensure that sustainability outcomes are achieved for all stakeholders.

We have a strong track record of implementing water sustainability projects with major CPGs and industrial product manufacturers, including:

  • Designing a feed filtration & disinfection system for a village in coastal Maharashtra
  • Water resource management training for plant managers of a major pharmaceutical manufacturer in Telangana
  • Clean water supply and community engagement plan for communities located around 9 manufacturing facilities for a NIFTY 50 constituent company