Case Study – Phytoremediation STP


To install a sustainable Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • With low carbon foot print
  • Meets the Govt norms
Design Basis

No of People – 1000 people from Labor camp

Flow Rate – 70 KLD

Sewage Strength – Medium

Stabilization Phase

Daily Sewage Flow

Water Quality Performance

  1. The plants on the Smaart Phyto STP are growing, indicating that they are using up the waste available as nutrition.
  2. The inlet sewage flow is way lower than the design capacity of the system.
  3. The quality of inlet sewage is poor.  It is like output from pit latrine.
Summary of Performance

The Smaart Phyto STP is performing or exceeding the performance as per the designed % reduction.

  • BOD and COD reduction is 95%
  • Nitrate Reduction is 83%
  • Phosphate reduction is 90%
  • Coliform reduction is 96%
  • Smaart Phyto Operated at 10% OF THE RATED CAPACITY
  • The power consumption is minimal
  1. Phyto STP performance is as per design basis
  2. Flow rate of sewage is at 12-15% of rated capacity
  3. The inlet sewage is almost like output from pit latrine and not medium strength sewage as  it was designed for.